Meet the Gals of Glitter & Garland

It all started in a pool in Palm Springs almost a year ago now! 

I was floating in the pool of the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs with my fiancé noticing this group of gals just having the best of time. We swam over and asked what they were celebrating, low and behold Hannah was getting married in only a few months and the girls had come down from Portland to celebrate her batchlorette party!

ImageAfter talking with her and her gals for hours, we exchanged info and in time we were chatting about our weddings and sharing Pinterest boards. 


About a month later, while browsing through her wedding Pinterest board I noticed a pin that said “my dress.” I stopped dead in my tracks. Could it be? I picked up my phone and shot her a message: “Are you wearing the Ivy and Aster Dutchess dress in blush??” she quickly responded, “Yes!!” and there we were realizing we had picked the same dress!! What are the odds?!


Since both of our weddings Hannah and I have managed to move within just a few blocks away from each other here in Portland, Oregon. One night over drinks we were talking about how we had many moments during planning when we couldn’t find what we were looking for, or when we did finally find that perfect piece and it was just too far out of our budget. And so Glitter & Garland came to light! We are setting out to bridge that gap and help make planning easier on today’s bride!


  1. Good Day Glitter Gals, I’m completely obsessed with your Garland endeavor that you’re launching. Such an amazing compilation of taste and talent. You both compliment one another very well! Looking forward to your blog and new posts in the future, well done ladies. So proud!

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