Our Most Popular Pin!

We wanted to share our most popular pin with you because well, it’s the perfect inspiration for a gold + coral color combo! Clearly people love this combo since it’s been re-pinned 90+ times!


If you are looking to add some sparkle to your special day, here are a few idea’s to get you inspired!

Glitter Geometric Garland | from LEIF |

This would be a great addition to any wedding, shower and draped over a bar cart after to add some decor to your space!


Sequin strands | from HEY LOOK |

the table covered in pink blooms, sequin strands draping over the table and that bouquet wrapped in gold! I mean this is enough inspiration for a bridal shower + a wedding! in love with it all.

pink gold sparkes beauty

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Winter Cocktails from the Glitter & Garland Gals

Winter is here and it’s time to cozy up and get ready for the holidays. We know that theses next few weeks are a time to celebrate and cheers your friends and family so here’s a few cocktail recipes Hannah and I made this weekend that we couldn’t wait to share with you!


I’ve always found bourbon whiskey to be most enjoyable in cold weather. It warms you from the inside out and has a sweetness to it that is definitely comforting. To compliment this, we’ve mixed our bourbon with some tart lemonade and gave it just a dash of orange blossom water for fragrance. This drink is sure to warm you up and remind you of summer!


Orange Burbon Lemonade

  • 1½ ounces bourbon whiskey
  • 1 fresh squeezed lemon
  • ½ ounce simple syrup
  • dash orange blossom water

Combine all ingredients into a shaker with some ice and mix that baby up! Put into a heavy bottomed with glass with ice and enjoy!




Along with our whiskey, we also made a vodka drink which we both agreed could easily become our after school special! This fragrant elderflower syrup takes you to spring, while the twist of lime keeps it fresh and bright! We were both so thrilled that this elderflower syrup worked out so well as it’s much cheaper than St. Germain and still gets the job done!


French Gimlet with a Twist

  • 2 oz vodka
  • 2 Tablespoons Elderflower Syrup (we got ours at Ikea)
  • juice of 1/2-1 lime depending on how sweet you like your drinks
  • 6 oz tonic water

In a tall glass combine vodka, elderflower syrup, and ice. Squeeze lime juice into glass and top with tonic water. We garnished ours with a bit of peel, but a sliced lime would look lovely too!


We hope you enjoy yourselves this holiday season and remember to drink responsibly! 

DIY: Calligraphy Table Numbers

If you saw Hannah’s wedding featured over on Style Me Pretty’s Northwest page you’ve seen her amazing calligraphy table numbers! The calligraphy comes from Colleen’s calligraphy:


After the text was completed, Hannah’s MOH hunted to find the best Portland shop that would cut out the table numbers in wood. They came across ADX and felt they would be the best vendor for the job! Everything was laser cut and the results were just incredible! Hannah wasn’t just excited, she was elated!!


Once her numbers were home she found a perfect shade of vibrant aqua from Montana Gold spray paint and away she went!! From there the numbers needed to be glued to their sticks so they would sit in the flower arrangement’s properly. Handy tip from our bride: “If you are going to go to the trouble to have wooden numbers laser cut, you may want to get 2 sets… I did this and was so thankful I did, I had a couple break while gluing them!”


These lovely DIY table numbers were just the perfect whimsical touch! They were Hannah’s favorite detail at the wedding and their color added just the right amount of pop! Here are a few shots of the completed table numbers tucked in the flower arrangements:

Image Image Image Image

photo credit: http://www.colleenameliaphotography.com/

We hope you enjoyed this little DIY tutorial and please reach out to us if you have any questions or if you’d like some created for you!

Meet the Gals of Glitter & Garland

It all started in a pool in Palm Springs almost a year ago now! 

I was floating in the pool of the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs with my fiancé noticing this group of gals just having the best of time. We swam over and asked what they were celebrating, low and behold Hannah was getting married in only a few months and the girls had come down from Portland to celebrate her batchlorette party!

ImageAfter talking with her and her gals for hours, we exchanged info and in time we were chatting about our weddings and sharing Pinterest boards. 


About a month later, while browsing through her wedding Pinterest board I noticed a pin that said “my dress.” I stopped dead in my tracks. Could it be? I picked up my phone and shot her a message: “Are you wearing the Ivy and Aster Dutchess dress in blush??” she quickly responded, “Yes!!” and there we were realizing we had picked the same dress!! What are the odds?!


Since both of our weddings Hannah and I have managed to move within just a few blocks away from each other here in Portland, Oregon. One night over drinks we were talking about how we had many moments during planning when we couldn’t find what we were looking for, or when we did finally find that perfect piece and it was just too far out of our budget. And so Glitter & Garland came to light! We are setting out to bridge that gap and help make planning easier on today’s bride!


  • What’s the most important part of your wedding? {i.e. dress, venue, decor, etc}? What could you care less about?
  • What’s most important to the groom?
  • What’s your budget and do you know where you want the majority of your budget to go? If not, we can help you work those details out!
  • How much planning have you done? What stage of planning are you in? 
If you would prefer to email, you can send your answers to: hello@glitterandgarland.com

Hello World….

Glitter & Garland is thrilled to announce that we will be hosting a wedding event February 2014!
We’ll be showcasing the best locally produced, handcrafted and homemade decor & services that Portland has to offer including:   stationary, photography, calligraphy, hard to track down rentals {new + vintage}, accessories, wedding planners, sweet treats, venues, tutorials by masters of DIY, and more!
If you are interested in being a vendor please email us at: hello@glitterandgarland.com

House into a Home…

A home should be filled with what you love. Color, function and the overall design of each room is crucial in making any space feel like your own!

I’m no expert on interior design but I do know that a home should be comfortable, filled with hues you adore, and anything you love! It’s the little things that turn a house into a home, from the bright aqua dresser in my bedroom to the black and white checkered floors in my kitchen, I really do love the space I live in!

If you want to freshen up any room in your home you can go out and get new throw pillows, fill a vase with fresh flowers or even frame a photo that you love. Simple adjustments like those can really give your space a mini face lift.

Check out the images below that inspire me. What tips do you have for making your house a HOME?

fresh peonies

fresh peonies

Ikat bedding

Dreamy gray bedding

perfect black + white kitchen floor

perfect black + white kitchen floor

Neon + GarlandI can't be the only one that wants to move into this house immediately, right?

Neon + Garland
I can’t be the only one that wants to move into this house immediately, right?